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CSCS · titleist performance instructor · Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist · NASM CPT · Corrective Exercise Specialist · Performance Enhancement Specialist



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In 2007 I graduated from Central Methodist University with my B.S. in Business and Accounting. After my first year as an accountant at Williams Keepers, LLC I knew I couldn’t sit at a desk for the rest of my life. Taking a leap of faith, I decided to follow my passion and became a personal trainer in 2008. 

I grew from working at a corporate gym, to being contracted at a private studio and finally opened up a studio with my wife. 

The industry continues to change; continuing education has been a main objective of mine. I see a lot of individuals pushing themselves to extremes in order to get the results “no matter” the cost. These results are short lived and usually end with an individual being overtrained and finally injured. 

My approach is different and is based in science. I believe in building a program that will get my clients functioning in a pain-free environment. I do this by taking my clients through a comprehensive movement screening that allows me to assess which muscles need to be strengthened and which need to be lengthened. People either become tight through repetitive moment or through staying in an unnatural posture (such as sitting at a computer) for long periods of time. 

Through a corrective exercise program, I get my clients moving and feeling better while they gain experience with resistance training. I progress them through their program as their goals change and their bodies adapt. By periodizing a client’s program, we prevent injury and avoid plateaus and boredom. 

I am also a firm believer in you are what you eat. No matter what your goal is, without proper nutrition it will not be reached. 

Nicole D.


BS Developmental Psychology · NASM CPT · Corrective Exercise Specialist · Precision Nutrition · performance enhancement specialist · golf Fitness Specialist · E-RYT-500 · Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist · YOGA THERAPIST CANDIDATE


BS Developmental Psychology

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What would YOU attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail? If you just want to know what I can do for you, skip ahead to the about you section!


I graduated from Lindenwood University with my B.S. in Developmental Psychology. My Personal Training career began in 2005 at 24 Hour Fitness. I earned a plethora of nationally recognized certifications (NASM CPT, ACE CPT, AFAA CPT, NASM CES, NASM PES), acquired the highest rank of Master Trainer and eventually worked not only as a full time Personal Trainer but also as an Assistant Fitness Manager. I spent time coordinating special incentive weight loss challenges, educating other trainers within our district about how to properly assess movement and offer corrective exercise strategies.By August of 2010, I left the corporate gym space and started operating as an independent contractor. During this time, I continued to specialize in weight loss and corrective exercise but also began to grow my natural bodybuilding clientele exponentially by offering full service competition prep services. 93% of my first time competitors have placed top 5 in pro-qualifying. I’ve also choreographed t-walks and posing routines for competitors. I rounded off my competition experience by becoming an NANBF Judge.

I personally competed from 2005-2013, almost always placing top 3 in my categories. I never quite had what it took to earn my Professional Figure competition credentials though I’ve trained beginner competitors through the novice rankings to the professional circuit. In 2013, I competed for the (tentatively) last time, hanging up my competitor heels for business ownership as my husband and I opened Dudas Fitness. Since opening, I’ve continued to pursue my education so that I can continue to offer the BEST services to my clients. 


I specialize in corrective exercise (assessing movement and posture and developing exercise routines to avoid potential injuries or to correct alignment and posture to work around existing ones) and physique changes (weight loss and muscle gaining through nutrition and exercise). This is still a primary service I offer through Personal Training, but I am projected to complete my Professional Yoga Therapist training in 2019 and intend to offer Yoga Therapy as a service.

After many years of training, I have found that individuals with special considerations always find their way to my door through referrals. I have experience working with and supporting clients who have had joint replacements, acute and chronic pain, cancer, auto-immune diseases, neurological disorders/diseases, digestive diseases, and much more. I assess the whole individual (physical body, emotional body, mental body) and offer support through movement, soft tissue strategies, stretches, strengthening exercises, breathing, meditation, and a disciplined lifestyle (nutrition, social support, work life, sleep, etc). 


I have learned that people have gotten accustomed to feeling bad. They forget the healing power of functional breathing, optimal mobility and stability, nutrition appropriate to their unique makeup, adequate sleep, working with the natural rhythms of the body and healthy body composition. Instead of merely treating the symptoms of poor health management, I want my clients to thrive and live life more fully.

Success lies in you. My clients are known to lose more weight than they originally thought they were capable of, accomplish physical feats they thought were reserved for those with “youth” on their side, and feel the best they have in their entire lives. While my personal experience and extensive education means that you and your goals are in good hands, it is my positive attitude, encouragement, and patience that will lead you to success… beyond!

Sarah W.


CSCS · ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist · AFAA Group Fitness Instructor · Corrective Exercise Specialist · Performance Enhancement Specialist · Balanced Body Mat Pilates Instructor · Balanced Body Reformer Pilates Instructor · Balanced Body Apparatus Instructor · Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certified Pilates Teacher


MS Fitness Management

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I have always had a passion for fitness and for helping others, and a career in personal training is the perfect way for me to blend those two passions. From a young age, I knew I wanted to help people to learn how to be healthy so I decided to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of South Florida. 

In 2006, while still in my undergraduate program, I began my personal training career at a small fitness studio in Florida where I also worked as a physical therapy technician. This helped me to gain invaluable knowledge and experience on how the body recovers after an injury and proper body mechanics. After completing my undergraduate degree, I returned home to St. Louis and began training at a large gym. After a few years of training, I decided to take my career to the next level and began teaching people to become personal trainers at a local college. During this time, I also obtained my master’s degree in Fitness Management from Missouri Baptist University. As much as I love teaching, I missed training and working with my clients, which is what brought me to start Fit Rx LLC inside of Dudas Fitness. 

I believe fitness should be fun and an enjoyable experience. I have worked with a wide variety of clients, including athletes, seniors, clients wishing to gain muscle, clients wishing to lose fat, and everything in between. Whatever your goal may be, I look forward to helping you achieve it!”

Angela C.


ACSM CPT · Precision Nutrition · Licensed Massage Therapist · Ashiatsu Oriental Bar · Thai Bodywork · NPC Judge · IFBB Professional Athlete · IFBB Posing Coach · Balanced Body Mat Pilates Instructor · Balanced Body Reformer Instructer

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In My Senior year of High school it was very clear I had taken an interest in Anatomy and Physiology and the systems of the body. Immediately after High School graduation I enrolled in the Massage Therapy Program at Missouri College in St. Louis, Missouri, Oct 2003. In May of 2004 I graduated with Top Honors in my class and later went on to work as a Massage Therapist. After trying out a couple different job settings etc, I found myself in a gym setting and really enjoyed it. The clients were very health conscious and it was great for regular business for me. In 2008 I furthered my LMT education receiving a rare certification in Ashiatsu (Foot Pressure) Bar Therapy and in 2009 received another rare certification in Thai Massage (Advanced Stretch technique). I am also trained in Deep Tissue and Pre-Natal massage as well. 

After 3 years of working in a Personal Training Studio I decided to take my training to the next level by training for a Figure Competition. I bought my 1st gym membership in 2003 and worked out routinely for 5 years but was never very serious about it. Throughout those years I had always been told I had great structure, size and symmetry for those competitions and that I would do well. In 2010 won the Figure Overalls at my 1st 2 shows, then went on to compete Nationally, becoming a consistent Top 5 placer for 2 yrs. In November 2012 I received the highly sought after IFBB Professional status in Figure. 2013 has been my 1st year on the IFBB Pro stage, and I finished 7th back in March at my Pro Debut, the IFBB St. Louis Pro. This year I have also gotten into the judging side of things during my off season. August of this year I graduated as an NPC Official judge and I look forward to judging in 2014 for the NPC Organization!

While working in the private Personal Training studio for 4 years and competitively competing in NPC Figure, I was inspired to study and receive my CPT Certification through ACSM. This Certification was one of the Gold standards in Fitness and I wanted one of the best recognized. I have been doing both Personal Training and Massage Therapy for the last 2 years and it has made me very versatile in my work environment. As a LMT, ACSM CPT, IFBB Pro, I look forward to bringing alot to the table in serveral aspects of Fitness, personal or professional with Dudas Fitness!

It is my passion and duty to inspire those to be the best version of themselves possible for quality of life and well being!

Adam C.


NASM CPT · Integrative Health Practitioner Level I · Integrative Health Practitioner Level II · titleist performance instructor

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BS Degree in Finance

Year began training

My career path started in finance and I quickly began to realize that sitting behind a desk 40 hours a week was not the best career choice for me. I’ve always had a passion for health and fitness from a young age, but that passion began to grow and in 2016 I started personal training. I have an incredible passion to help people look and feel their best. I’m also a certified Integrative Health Practitioner, which allows me to go beyond training and look deep within the body and make sure everything is in balance through functional medicine lab testing. I am here to serve you and help you reach your goals!

A little about me:

Favorite healthy food – Blueberry protein smoothie

Favorite cheat food – Thin crust pizza

Favorite exercise – Conventional Deadlifts

Hobbies – Volleyball, Golf, Hiking and continuing education

Favorite Motivational Quote – “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better” Emile Coue

Casey S.


ACSM-CPT · Functional Movement Screen · Precision Nutrition

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Casey believes the therapeutic value of exercise is priceless, yet the most underutilized anti-depressant.  Lacking physical activity and poor nutrition will not achieve an optimal quality of life.  Most people exercise to look good and Casey believes exercising to feel great should be a priority.  As the years go by, people need to become increasingly aware of exercise to maintain good physical and mental health. 

Casey started personal training as a part time job while making a living as a meat cutter.  However he needed a change. A love for the lifestyle and having family involved with training opened the door.  In a very short period of time, it became clear to Casey he is passionate about being a personal trainer.  Do what makes you happy and if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life!

Casey spent several years at a “big gym”, before he realized he could do more outside the corporate umbrella.  Therefore he moved on to start Inner Drive Fitness, based out of the world renowned Dudas Fitness. A place where new, healthy, and wonderful lifestyles can begin.

Certifications including ACMS CPT and the Functional Movement Screen (FSM L1), Casey wants to screen, assess, and design the right program for your individual goals and needs while keeping your health and wellness in mind.  We must first move well, then move often.

Exercise and physical activity are only part of the equation for a healthy lifestyle.  Precision Nutrition (PN1) certified, Casey will look at how certain behaviors can be modified to properly balance nutrition to keep you going and the fuel your body needs to recover, thus promoting a healthier lifestyle.  For the most part, if you can’t grow it or kill it, don’t eat it.

We must be prepared for a challenge if we want to see change. As a trainer, Casey will guide you down the path, however the path is yours to create.  The path of a healthier you or the path you have already been on.  You must choose!  Change doesn’t happen over night.  Patience is a virtue that most of us don’t possess. It can be done with the right motivation and will power. It all starts on the inside.

Trevor B.


NESTA PFT · NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist · Precision Nutrition L1

Matt W.


NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist ·  NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist · USA Weightlifting 1 & 2

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BS Degree in Healthcare Administration

Year began training

I’ve always lived a healthy lifestyle and was involved in sports all throughout college.  I’ve always enjoyed teaching others how to get stronger and live a higher quality of life through the development of mental and physical abilities.  I work with individuals of all ages and abilities to help them gain strength, mobility, endurance and overall healthier lifestyles.  I look forward to helping you attain your goals!

A little about me:

Favorite healthy food – Steak

Favorite cheat food – Mexican Food

Favorite exercise – Deadlifts / Legs

Hobbies – Walking with my dog, spending time with friends and family

Favorite Motivational Quote – “If you fail to plan you plan to fail.”

Christy Rogers

Christy R.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer · NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist · AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

BSBA Degrees in Marketing and Economics

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I started as a client at Dudas Fitness in 2016 to “get in shape” and find a hobby, little did I know it would lead to a new career!  After going on my own fitness journey and discovering my love for fitness and a heathy lifestyle, I wanted to share my passion and support others.  My focus is not just changing appearances but developing a balanced and healthy way of living through exercise and nutrition. Let’s make these positive changes together and meet your goals.

A Little About Me:

Favorite Healthy Food: Peanut Butter and Brussel Sprouts

Favorite Cheat Food: Chips and Salsa

Favorite Exercise: Push Ups and Hollow Body Hold

Hobbies: Working Out, Hiking, Riding Bikes, Traveling

Favorite Motivational Quote: “Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate.”

Ashley P.



Lindsey, Janiee

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Have you ever gotten to the point that enough was enough?

When I got to the point that I was out of breath just from carrying my groceries inside, I realized I was at that point. I was overweight and my overall health was terrible. I looked in the mirror and realized it was time to make a change; I went to the YMCA the very next day and took a BodyPump class. Since that day, I fell in love with fitness and have never looked back. Fitness became more than my lifestyle when I made it my career by becoming the Center Director for Jenny Craig and a BodyPump instructor! Helping others reach their fitness goals became my life’s passion and I eventually began to coach clients 1 on 1. I have experience in endurance, weight loss, corrective exercise, and power-lifting. I’ve also continued to broaden my personal fitness scope as I have spent my last couple of years as a competitive power-lifter and most recently I’ve been working on Olympic lifting. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, get strong, or simply feel better – I can help you get there. I am 100% dedicated to my clients’ success. When you win, I win!

Kody W - Personal trainer

Kody W.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer · Triggerpoint

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Year began training

My path to becoming a personal trainer has been anything but traditional. I originally went to school for business administration but had my mind, and heart, changed when I ended up injured after a trip to the gym. While using a popular piece of exercise equipment, improperly I have to add, I herniated a disc in my spine. Through that recovery process I fell in love with rehab and how the body moves through space. Through my failure and setback I discovered what I wanted to spend my career doing. Helping others like I was helped. Ever since then I’ve been attending as many seminars as I can in anatomy, kinesiology, movement patterns, strength training and how to assess movement so I can better help my clients. I have admittedly become a desired learn-it-all and believe that there is something to learn from everyone we meet. I love learning about others while we work together to reach our desired goals.

A little about me:

Favorite healthy food – Steak-preferably filet

Favorite cheat food – Pizza

Favorite exercise – Deadlifts and Jumping rope

Hobbies – Literally anything outdoors

Favorite Motivational Quote – “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Maggie Dudas - Trainer

Maggie D.


NASM certified personal trainer · TRX certified · (Working towards Performance Enhancement Specialization) · Studied Exercise science

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Years training: 2.5

I’ve played sports my whole life, and was a collegiate and semi-professional soccer player. In my later teen years, I gained some weight and started to sustain some knee injuries. That is when I realized that being an athlete was much more than just playing a sport, it’s about taking care of your body. I started training with my brother (Nick) and started to feel and move better. I started to fall in love with health and wellness, and the way I was performing in games when I was taking proper care of myself. And that’s when my journey really started.

My goal is to get my clients feeling and moving better, and for them to see their true potential through fitness and healthy lifestyle choices. 

Chad R.


NASM CPT · NASM CES · Trainology 1 & 2 · Trainology Sports Performance · PTA Global Behavior Change in Exercise 


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My fitness journey started like many others. I had big ambitions to become “fit” and started working out with a friend at a local gym. What started as everyday workouts slowly dwindled to once a week. When my friend fell off the wagon completely, I lost my accountability partner and fell off too. I went to cancel my gym membership but doubled down on my resolve and decided to keep it. I made the choice to commit myself to go everyday, no matter what it took. I started to research health, fitness and strength training so I could better learn how to become more fit. Eventually, I studied and became a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
Along my own fitness journey I injured my lower back (herniated disk, multiple bulging disks, spinal stenosis and scoliosis). With more certifications and continuing education as well as personal experience, I came to understand how the body works, why my own back was hurting and how to adjust my exercise program to correct it. It was incredibly empowering to learn that I didn’t have to live with pain, and neither did others! I started to work with my grandma and was able to not only support her with her own aches through exercise, but helped her to stay healthy while growing our relationship and spending quality time together.
Since 2019, I have enjoyed the hidden benefit of being a personal trainer which is connecting with and empowering others in the way that I felt empowered through my own journey. I enjoy taking all I have continued to learn to improve the lives of as many people as I can.
We are here for you!

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