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Not getting the results you want?

Unsure of how to safely work around injuries and medical considerations?

Training for a special sporting event or bodybuilding competition?

Need an extra push and some accountability?

Your Personal Trainer will learn about you and your goals and design an entirely individualized exercise routine. You’ll learn proper lifting techniques, which exercises are appropriate and specific to your goals, and be motivate to your full potential. Your progress will be tracked through various methods appropriate to your goals such as Functional Movement Screens, Body Line Reading, Weight, Bodyfat Percentage, Circumference Measurements and Performance Tests such as 1 Rep Max or Speed and Agility Tests.

You’re selective which is why you chose Dudas Fitness and we want to pair you with the PERFECT Personal Trainer. After reading the trainer bio’s, if you’re not sure who to choose or if you have a specialty need to be considered please contact Nick Dudas at 660-728-6425 or Nicole Dudas at 636-675-0441 and we will help you to find the PERFECT fit for your free consultation. If you’re ready to go, book your consultation now!

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