competes in bikini competitions

“Nicole’s expertise, guidance, and support was far beyond my expectations. “

My Trainer: Nicole D.

“I reached out to Nicole Dudas after a personal decision was made to tackle my first bikini competition. Quite frankly, I had no idea what I needed to do in order to prepare myself for such a goal! All I knew was I needed to find a trainer who would mesh with my own beliefs of core nutrition and use of AdvoCare products. I needed someone who was be able to hold my hand and walk me through the entire process. I literally had no idea what to do besides the knowledge of eating “healthy”, taking quality supplements, and the need to work out more to include weight lifting. Nicole’s expertise, guidance, and support was far beyond my expectations. She literally walked me through each step from nutrition/diet prep, stage presence and posing, bikini ordering, workout programs for both cardio and weight lifting, and most importantly moral support and encouragement! Outside of my own dedication and trust, Nicole is the reason I was stage ready. Did I mention we only had 13 weeks together? I gained 4.5lbs muscle mass and lost 6% body fat. On show day I was the leanest I had ever been and the best part is that I physically felt great on show day. Her support goes far beyond the 1:1 sessions. She was there for me from Day 1 whenever I needed her. Even after the competition she was still lending her guidance and support. Amazing individual. I highly recommend Nicole Dudas and Dudas Fitness for guidance toward your health/wellness goals whether beginner or advanced. You will not regret investing in yourself. You are worth Dudas Fitness!”