learned to better take care of her body

“I have learned that when I am actually taking care of my body, everything else in life works better too…”

My Trainer: Nick D.

“I started personal training with Nick in Feb 2013. I had just turned 40, and had come to the realization that while I had never had a weight problem, I needed to learn how to better take care of my body. I was only getting older, and I wanted to be fit and strong for the long term. My short term goals were to learn how to properly strength/resistance train, as I had only ever done cardio to stay fit, and I had no idea where to begin. I just knew that as our bodies get older, we naturally lose muscle, and I wanted to “firm up”. Nick started by educating me about proper nutrition and the science of what my body needs nutritionally, then started developing a strength training regimen, targeting core strength in every workout. I quickly noticed big changes…that I was becoming stronger – while I was gaining weight on a scale (muscle), I was decreasing body fat percentage and feeling better than I had ever felt. However, the most important thing that started to happen is I started learning how to make fitness a “lifestyle”. Nick continues to challenge me, making workouts fun (never the same workout!), holding me accountable, educating about proper form to prevent injury, and is always giving new tips/ideas to keep motivated and maintain this lifestyle. If I have started to go off track, Nick talks to me to figure out what needs to change in order to keep me motivated and moving in the right direction. I eventually ended up adding the boot camp classes (taught by Candace) into my regimen, and the classes keep me on track in between the more intense personal strength workouts (my husband has even started joining me for the boot camp because he wanted in on this too!). I love the positive, motivating environment of Dudas Fitness…. the atmosphere is bright and welcoming and the people are so inspiring and encouraging. Nick is quite knowledgeable and I trust his guidance. He is also passionate and enthusiastic about his job, as are all the staff at Dudas. It is infectious.

Lastly, I have learned that when I am actually taking care of my body, everything else in life works better too…. It is a positive journey and lifestyle, and I am grateful to Dudas fitness for helping me make that lifestyle change. I know that not only do I feel better now, but I am taking care of myself for down the road… that I will be less likely to get injured as I get older because I am strengthening my bones and surrounding tissues/muscles. I am giving myself the best shot at being able to stay active well into my later years. I am learning things that I am able to pass on to my family – I am able to better role model health and fitness and have introduced my family into this lifestyle. Thanks Dudas Fitness!”