Lost 23 lbs

“She also encouraged me and gave me confidence through her teaching, coaching, expertise, and role modeling behaviors which I could take with me.”

“I’d like to thank of Candace Keevil as not just a personal trainer, but as my personal trainer. Candace sets you up for the road to healthy living with not only her services, but, more importantly, her attitude. She also gives you the tools necessary to continue down the road with tools you’ll need for life after her..

Of course, Candace’s job is to be a personal trainer. However, you don’t really feel like you’re working out whenever you’re with her. You feel as though you’re having a good time with an old friend as she continually pushes you through the workout routine. At the end you’re going to feel exactly what she was doing, but during the workout, it’s just a great comfortable feeling with a great person. She also changes your routine to fit your needs that day. At the times when my knees would crackle like a bowl of cereal, she would change up what we were doing as not to put strain on my knees. I came to realize afterwards, what she was actually doing was strengthening my knees. This is the kind of service which goes beyond the technical part of the job and moves into what you need to be successful on your path.

Secondly, I can’t talk enough about Candace’s attitude. This is actually, in my opinion, the most important part of the experience. I can only cheaply describe how I feel through use of words which don’t even come close to how I actually feel about her. However, I’m going to try. She created an environment which was comfortable. Whenever I came in, she quieted all of my fears about my body image, and we compiled and worked a plan which was right for me. She also encouraged me and gave me confidence through her teaching, coaching, expertise, and role modeling behaviors which I could take with me. Candace also gave me workouts I could do at home without buying extra equipment which was incredibly effective for my healthy living lifestyle change. I felt as though she was there for me and it wasn’t about the money.

Finally, Candace was so great during our sessions and prepping me for afterwards. She gave me great recipes, important nutritional information, and different cooking options to change up the flavor and textures of healthy food I couldn’t stand eating before. Whenever I started working with Candace in March of 2014 my stats were as follows:

Weight-186 lbs. Waist-35” Calve-15” Chest-40”
Hips-44” Neck-13.5” Thigh-25” Arm-12.5”

After my sessions were complete with her in June of 2014, my stats were as follows:

Weight-172 lbs. Waist-30.5” Calve-14” Chest-35.5”
Hips-41” Neck-13” Thigh-23” Arm-11”

I can tell you today, with my continued dedication to our plan, I’m down to 163 lbs., which I couldn’t have done without the post-class education she had given me.

Candace Keevil’s services, tools for after the workout, and exceptional attitude are what puts her a cut above the rest. If you ever get a chance to work with this great woman, you’ll know exactly what I mean.”