Mobility Core Strength Balance

Our average class size is 4-8 individuals with class sizes limited to 12 so that even in your group experience at Dudas Fitness you get more personalized attention. With smaller class sizes our teachers can get to know you, support you and guide you. In smaller classes, form can be refined, modifications can be given and you can be guided to your full potential.

Our yoga classes support the students in a practice of self awareness and self inquiry. Each class is elegantly designed and the teacher will lead the students thru postures that will prepare their body for the end goal pose. No matter the level of the class, it will begin with more stable and simple postures and gradually introduce postures that are less stable and more complex. Expect a blend of movement and stillness, while being encouraged to link breath to movement and to establish your own personal felt connection within each moment. ┬áStudents are always encouraged to practice at their own level and take the best actions to support them at any moment, including resting in class if it’s needed! Our classes are designed to meet you where you are.

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